The international Master program CORELIS — Cold Region Landscapes Integrated Sciences had been opened in 2016 based on Institute of Earth Sciences of St. Petersburg State University.


Educational program mission

The educational program is oriented on training of specialists who are capable to realize independently theoretical and applied researcheson ecological, hydro-meteorological, paleogeographical, landscape, pedological and nature management processes of Polar Regions of Earth (The Arctic, Antarctic, Permafrost zone and the upland territories).



Main field of study: Ecology and Nature Management.

Language of study — English.

Studying at the program is being provided in the main scientific direction “Ecology and Environmental Management” and Hydrometeorology, Geography and Soil science directions additionally.

Teaching at the program is carried in English. For two semester of training in Russia (the first Master course) leading experts of St. Petersburg State University and partner Universities and scientific research institutes are involved in teaching. Within the master program the training opportunity during one (the 3rd) semester in partner higher education institution(s) of Germany (partner Universities from other countries are planned also) with the subsequent obtaining the second diploma is given.



Within research and development, field practice students participate in expeditions to Polar Regions. Students of the CORELIS program of the first set had a winter field practice on the basis of the Biological Station Lammi of Helsinski University and summer one — on the basis of international field stations, for example, the Russian scientific center on Svalbard archipelago (Under umbrella of the Arctic and Antarctic research institute), the Lena River delta, the Yamal and the Kola peninsulas etc. Repeatedly students of the program participated in the international conferences, seminars and schools for young scientists.



For the graduates of the program it is possible to apply their competencies in scientific, industrial, planning and surveying, educational and administrative areas corresponded with use of geoecological, hydrometeorological, paleogeographical and pedogogical methods in study of polar and mountain regions.



The main partners of the program are the St. Petersburg and Hamburg Universities. Also in the program other Russian, German, Norwegian and Finnish Universities and Scientific Institutes are took part. During the first year of study about 40 teachers gives their knowledge to students.