Main field of study: Ecology and Nature Management.


Language of study – English.

In 2016 the start of the new Master program CORELIS at the premises of Institute of Earth Sciences of SPSU is planned. The educational program is focused on training of specialists who are able to carry out independent theoretical and applied research of hydrometeorological, paleogeographical, landscape, pedological and ecological characteristics and processes of the Earth's Polar Regions (Arctic, Antarctic and mountain areas).


Training program will be conducted for the main educational program "Ecology and environmental management" as well as related directions "Hydrometeorology", "Geography" and "Soil science".
The main partners for the program realization are Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbSU) and Hamburg University. Other European universities from Germany, Finland and Denmark are also planned to be invited for a cooperation. There is a possibility for students to have one study semester in a partner university (Hamburg University etc.) during the Master program.
As a part of scientific research students will participate in expeditions to the Polar Regions (the Lena river delta, Yamal Peninsula, Kolyma and Tura rivers deltas and others) and (or) will undergoing a field training under the teachers’ guidance. There is a possibility for a training at the bases of the Institute of Earth Sciences SPbSU in the Leningrad region, in Finland at the Biological station Lammi of Helsinki University and at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).



1. Polar science communication and outreach: Career Development in Science; English in Environmental Science

2. Philosophic Problems of Natural Science and History of Cold Regions Research

3. Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems


Research Project

Research Internship: Expedition on Permafrost Sites; Hydrometeorological, Soil, Geomorphological, Ecological, and Climate Field Methods and Measurements



1. Basics on Cold Regions Sciences

2. Periglacial landscapes

3. Quaternary paleogeography of Cold Regions

4. Water Objects of Polar and Upland Areas

5. Permafrost Soils

6. Social and Economic Aspects of the Arctic

7. Biogeochemistry of Cold Regions (teaching in Germany, list of courses could be changed according to program of particular German university)


Areas of professional activity of graduates

For the graduates of the program it is possible to apply their competencies in scientific, industrial, planning and surveying, educational and administrative areas corresponded with use of geoecological, hydrometeorological, paleogeografical and pedological methods in study of polar and mountain regions.