Entrance examinations are held in the form of documents competition (portfolio) and is estimated at one hundred-point scale.


Required documents (in the event that any document is not provided, the remaining documents are not evaluated and the final score for the portfolio is 0 points):

  • diploma of bachelor / specialist (with Annex);
  • Motivation letter in Russian or the program implementation language (English) (verified I hidden authorship mode);
  • assess (checked in the mode of hidden authorship);
  • Document confirming knowledge of foreign (English) language (assessment for the state examination / exam in English in the diploma or the corresponding international certificate)

Additional documents (not mandatory for submission)

  • information about publications, information on professional and practical activities, diplomas of winners, prize-winners and laureates of scientific and student competitions, competitions, etc.
  • documents confirming the appointment of nominal and / or special scholarships of ministries, departments, funds, educational institutions;
  • documents and materials confirming the participation of those entering the research projects, programs, etc.

The entrance examination program and evaluation criteria you can find here