Name of Module

Name of course


Core Module. Polar Science Communication and Outreach (4 CP)

English in Environmental Science

Dr. R. Iskhakova

Career  Development  in Science 

Dr. A. Cherkasheva

Module 1. Basics on Cold Regions Sciences (12 CP)

Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Climate Dynamics

Dr. A. Eliseev

Cold Region Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology

Dr. L. Frolova

Permafrost Hydrology and Hydrometeorology

Dr. I. Fedorova

Permafrost: Definitions, Properties and Development

Dr. V. Isaev

Particularities of Cold Region Geology

Dr. A.Krylov


Dr. A. Ekaykin

Module 2. Periglacial landscapes (7 CP)

Landscapes of Periglacial Regions

 Dr. D. A.Ganyushkin

Trace gas fluxes in Permafrost

Dr. S. Evgrafova

Feature of Energy and Mass Exchange in the Atmosphere Surface Layer and Soil Active Layer

Dr. B. Ivanov, Dr. I. Mammarella

Isotopic Methods in Cryosphere Study 

Dr. A.Ekaykin, Dr. C. Knoblauch

Module 3: Quaternary paleogeography of Cold Regions (7 CP)

 Paleolimnology and paleoclimatology of Cold Regions

Dr. G. B. Fedorov

Methods of Geochronometry and Micropaleontology in Cold Regions studies

Prof. V. Kyznetsov, Dr. L.Savelieva

Introduction into Periglacial Quaternary Geology 

Dr. G. Fedorov, Prof. Dr. B. Diekmann

Paleo soils of periglacial zone of high Pleistocene

Dr. A. Rusakov

Research Practice (8 CP)

Dr. S. Boltramovich

Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems
(3 CP)

Dr. S. Zubrzycki

Module 4. Water Object of Polar and Upland Areas (8 CP)

Hydroecology and Sustainability of Cold Regions Aquatic

Dr. I. V. Fedorova

Different Scale Modeling

Dr. O. M. Makarieva

Carbon Transformation in Land-Ocean Connection Zone

A. A. Chetvertova

Upland Hydrology

Dr. S. A. Zhuravlev

Training of Geochemical Analyses

A. A. Chetvertova

Module 5: Soils in Permafrost (7 CP)

Permafrost Affected Soils and Landscapes in a Changing

Prof. E.-M. Pfeiffer,
Prof. E. V. Abakumov,
Prof. L. Kutzbach

Humic Substances and Organic Matter of Permafrost Affected
Soils and Sediments

Prof. E. V. Abakumov

Interection Plant and Soil Processes

Prof. M. Opekunova

Soil Mapping, Field Course

Prof. E-M. Pfeiffer,
Dr. S. Zubrzycki

Soils and Land Use of Wetlands

Prof. E-M. Pfeiffer,
Prof. L. Kutzbach

Module 6: Cold Regions: Social and Economic Aspects (4 CP)

Ethnic Neighborhoods, Environmental Hazards and
Expedition Medicine

Prof. V. G.Chasnyk

Regional Policy in Permafrost Regions

Dr. K. A. Morachevskaya, Dr. A.S. Zinoviev

Philosophic Problems of Natural Science and History of Cold
Regions Research

Prof. J. Thiede


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