Name of Module Name of course Lecturer

Core 1

English in Environmental Science NN
Writing up Research and Academic English NN

Core 2

Philosophic Problems of Natural Science and History of Cold Regions Research Prof. J.Tiede, Dr. A.Makarov

Core 3

Special Aspects of Higher Mathematics (Object-Oriented Programming for Science; Soft Skills; Statistic) and GIS Dr. S. Zubrzycki

Core 4

Research Project

Using the Eddy Covariance Method Prof. L.Kutzbach, Dr. Ch.Wille
Methods of investigation of soil organic matter of litter and detritus origin Prof. E.Abakumov
Training of Geochemical Analyses A.Chetverova
Teaching and Research Internship CareerDevelopmentinScience Dr.A.Cherkasheva
Polar science communication and outreach Dr. A.Pavlov
Research Internship Research Internship: Expedition on Permafrost Sites;
Research Internship: Hydrometeorological, Soil, Geomorphological, Ecological, and Climate Field Methods and Measurements

Module 1.

Basics on Cold Regions Sciences (11 Credit Points (CP))

Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Climate Dynamics (2 CP) Dr. A.Eliseev
Cold Region Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology (1.5 CP) Dr. L.Frolova
Permafrost Hydrology (2 CP) Dr. I.Fedorova
Permafrost: Definitions, Properties and Development (2 CP) Prof. H.Hubberten,  Dr. M.Grigoriev
Particularities of Cold Region Geology (1.5 CP) Dr. A.Krylov
Glaciology (2 CP) NN

Module 2. Periglacial landscapes (7 CP)

Landscapes of Periglacial Regions (1.5 CP) NN
Heat exchange in atmosphere surface layer and soil active layer (1 СР) Dr. B.Ivanov
Trace gas fluxes in Permafrost (1.5 CP) Dr. S.Evgrafova
Humic substances of permafrost affected soils and sediments (1.5 CP) Prof. E.Abakumov
Biogeochemical Cycles in Permafrost Landscapes (1.5 CP) Dr. Ch. Knoblauch,

Module 3. Quaternary  paleogeography of Cold Regions (7 CP)

Paleolimnology and paleoclimatology of Cold Regions (1.5 CP) Dr. G.Fedorov
Methods of Geochronometry and Micropaleontology in Cold Regions studies (2 СР) Prof. V.Kyznetsov, Dr. L.Savelieva
ГGeomorphology and Subaerial Quaternary Deposits of Permafrost (1.5 CP) Prof. D.Bolsiyanov
Paleo soils of periglacial zone of high Pleistocene (1 CP) Dr. A.Rusakov
Isotopic methods in Paleogeography (1 CP) Dr. A.Ekaykin

Module 4. Geochemistry and geoecology of terrestrial and aquatic landscapes of Cold Regions (7 CP)

Hydroecology and Sustainability of Cold Regions Aquatic Ecosystem (1.5 CP) Prof. V.Dmitriev, Dr. I.Fedorova
Ethnic Neighborhoods, Environmental Hazards and Expedition Polar Medicine (1 СР) Prof. V.Chasnyk
Carbon Transformation in Land-Ocean connection Zone (1.5 СР) A.Chetverova
Regional policy in permafrost regions (1,5 CP) Dr. K.Morachevskaya, Dr. A.Zinoviev
Different Scale Modeling (1.5 CP) Dr. O.Semenova

Module 5.

Soils un Permafrost (7 CP)

Permafrost affected soils and landscapes in a changing climate (2 CP) Prof. E.-M. Pfeiffer, Prof. E.Abakumov, Prof. L. Kutzbach
Soil Mapping, Field course (2 CP) Prof. E-M.Pfeiffer, Dr. S.Zubrzycki
Soils and Land Use of Wetlands (seminars) (3 CP) Prof. E-M.Pfeiffer, Prof. L.Kutzbach,

Module 6. Biogeochemistry of Cold Regions (7 CP)

Soil, Water and Vegetation Processes and Their Coupling to the Atmosphere (2 СР)

Prof L.Kutzbach,

Dr. C. Knoblauch

Terrestrial Ecosystem Processes within Earth System Models (2 CP) Prof. V.Brovkin,
Application of Stable Isotopes in Terrestrial Ecosystems (3 CP) Dr. Ch.Knoblauch