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Summer school: Field research methods on elements of the carbon cycle in Polar Regions



The summer school will be organized for German and Russian students who are interested in the carbon cycle in Polar Regions. This topic is important for current environmental sciences. There are different scientific projects focused in this underestimated project thematic, CarboPerm for example. During the project realization the Russian-German scientific team has received a huge field experience and theoretical knowledge about many aspects of carbon cycle processes in Polar Regions. Involving of young scientists (students, Masters, PhD) for improving the basic research is one of the main goals of each project.

In summer 2015 a summer school-seminar on carbon cycle elements field measurement methods had been hold within the framework of the 3rd summer school-seminal of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) with the funding of Roshydomet (Russian Service of Hydrometeorology) and substantial involving of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) ( Two German teachers of the school-seminar (Dr. Sebastian Zubrzycki and Dr.Birgit Heim) took part in the school by Academician exchange program between universities of St. Petersburg and Hamburg and AWI’s support, correspondingly. Successful carrying out of the school in 2015 showed the possibility of organizing a binational summer school-seminar. An example of continuous ability of Russian and German joint education program is the POMOR master program in the Institute of Earth Sciences ( and ongoing creation of the new Master program CORELIS (

In 2016 SPBSU and AARI will continue to organize winter and summer schools for young scientists. The 5th school in September is planned to be a binational. The scientific leader of the school is a Russian chief of Russian-German Otto-Schmidt-Laboratory for Polar and Marine Research Dr. Irina Fedorova. Participation of teachers from SPbSU and German colleagues is also proposed. The school will be carried out in the field station of AARI on Ladoga Lake and will be focused on carbon cycle investigation in Polar Regions. The preliminary program is attached.

The DAAD support allows to extend this program to German young scientists and to organize for them special thematic lectures as well as field excursions of SPbSU’s teachers and AARI’s high-level scientists on the Polar Regions studies. The program includes also a cultural part to acquaint the students with St. Petersburg Region. From Russian side the school will be funded by Roshydromet and international exchange program of SPbSU.

Hence the summer school for German students “Field research methods on elements of the carbon cycle in Polar Regions” will allow to present not only field experience of scientists, who are involved in Polar Region investigation of carbon cycle, but also present such famous Universities as SPbSU and AARI with international Master programs as a possibility for further education and joint research projects realization. Topical excursions to museums and field stations will give more information about complementary studies on Polar Regions features.

Preliminary schedule of the Summer School 2016


September, 18 – arriving the student group from Germany, transfer to the Ladoga station of AARI, ice-breaker for a Russian-German field summer school-seminar

September, 19 – visit to the Shlisselburg fortress in the Neva River headwater; beginning of the Field summer school-seminar.

September, 20-22 - the Field summer school-seminar conducting; on September 22 – transfer to St. Petersburg to OSL AARI; the school-seminar end.

September, 23 – AARI presentation, lectures of high-level scientists of AARI (Dr.Makshtas, Dr.S.Verkulich, Dr.G.Fedorov, Dr.A.Klepikov); Russian-German scientific projects on Polar and Mariner Research presentation. Excursion to the Museum of Arctic and Antarctic (

September, 24 – city tour in St. Petersburg

September, 25 – visit to Pushkin town (Tsarskoe selo) and Lyceum Museum (

September, 26 – SPbSU presentation, visit to the main building; visit to the Institute of Earth Sciences (SPbSU) and presentation of POMOR and CORELIS master programs; round table discussion with students on Polar studies: student will show their scientific results and present their filed practices and expedition including to the Arctic; a discussion about possibility of joint investigation and future scientific goals and approaches raising.

September, 27 – transfer to the Sablino field station of SPbSU; geological, biological, hydrological and geomorphological filed excursions with Universities lecturers supervision; waterfalls and caves visiting in Sablino ( )

September, 28 - visit to Biological faculty of SPBSU; lecture on Polar soils particularities (Prof. E.Abakumov and Prof. D.Vlasov) – experience of Russian scientists; visit of a geochemical laboratory. Visit of the Central Soil Museum of V.V.Docuchaev (http://xn----dtbaibdbjqd4avhbm3d3d0h.xn--p1ai/)

September, 29 – departure, transfer to Germany.
The expenses for the visit of German students (fee and travel money) are presented in the table 1 including main items for transfer, accommodation and excursions.


Leader of school-seminar:
Head of OSL, PhD, Associate Professor, Irina Fedorova
Contact information:
In Russia:
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Russia, 199397, St. Petersburg, Beringa str., 38
Russian-German Otto Schmidt Laboratory for Polar and Marine Research (OSL)
Antonina Chetverova: +7 812 224-1225, Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.
Roman Vlasenkov: +7 812 337-3180, Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.
Fax.: +7 812 337-3204
In Germany:
Universität Hamburg
Institut of Soil Science
Allende-Platz 2
20146 Hamburg
Sebastian Zubrzycki: +49 40 42838-8185, Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.
Fax.: +49 40 42838-2024


Summer School Ladoga Lake 2015
In 2015 we were involved in the organisation of the "Summer School Ladoga Lake: Field methods for investigation of elements of carbon cycle in polar regions" which took place in the Field Station of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) at Lake Ladoga from 29.06.2015 till 02.07.2015.